Background Information

In July, 2012, fRETfEST toured the Darling, Southern & Western Downs with support from The Australian Government Contemporary Music Touring Program.  The tour included workshops and auditions as well as concerts. We vsited Allora, Roma, Charleville, Cunnamulla, St. George, Pittsworth and Chinchilla, Pete Murray's home town! 



In each town, local musicians were urged to come forward and take part in a workshop and then audition for the concert that would be held each night.  Musicians were encouraged to play their songs and learn about stagecraft and audience rapport. At the end of each day we put on a concert featuring the best local talent plus our own touring musicians.


“Local musicians got the chance to  perform their own songs, live on stage in front of their community, ” said fRETfEST founder, Al Buchan. “This was a chance to be discovered and applauded in their home town.”


As a result, several exciting new and undiscovered musicians took part!  In Allora we discovered EMMA BELL and in Pittsworth we discovered GRACE DRUMMOND both of whom are now signed to the fRETfEST Music Mentorship Program.


The Australian Government Ministerial Release says, “Australia produces talented musicians but it can be difficult for emerging artists to find an opportunity to take their music to a wider audience.” >> http://www.minister.regional.gov.au/sc/releases/2012/may/sc065_2012.aspx



fRETfEST aims is to discover and nurture musicians in regional Queensland.  We encourage local musicians to come forward and play their own songs, attend workshops and audition for a chance to join our Mentorship program and perform at concerts and festivals!


The Contemporary Music Touring Program aims to give Australians, wherever they live, better access to some of the country’s best live contemporary music. The Australian Government is proud to be associated with the Darling Downs Winter SongFest by fRETfEST Singer Songwriter Showcase.


Musicians can register now for The fRETfEST Music Mentorship.  Visit www.fretfest.com/mentorship or click (below) to email your name, age, town, contact phone number and level of experience.  You will need to bring your own acoustic guitar and some travel may be required. The fRETfEST Music Mentorship Program is a professional service which has associated Fees. Details can be found at www.fretfest.com/mentorship


Local schools and music teachers are especially welcome and encouraged to apply.


ENTER NOW >> info@fretfest.com


Remember to include your name, age, town or district, phone number and experience level.


*Do you want to host a fRETfEST event in YOUR town?  Contact fRETfEST now (click).






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