DEEP WATER – Songwriters In Support Of The Australian Environment – released in Queensland.


Young Queenslanders have combined with Fretfest Australia to create and release a CD in response to the mess they see happening to their environment.


Entitled DEEP WATER – Songwriters In Support Of The Australian Environment, the CD features local and interstate musicians. Together they have linked up with LOCK THE GATE ALLIANCE to add their voices to the growing protest against the loss to mining of Australia’s arable land and coastlines (beauty rich and rare).


One of the musicians on the Cd, John Gordon, is from Allora, in the Darling Downs where Coal Seam Gas Mining is strongly opposed.  His song AUSTRALIA (Whore of the World) has gained attention for lampooning the mining industry.  Another song on the Cd entitled “What’s Wrong With The World” ominously lists many infamous endangered sites, beginning with The Great Barrier Reef and ending with The Kimberleys. 



Australian musician and environmental activist, JOHN BUTLER recently stood on the steps of mining giant Woodside's city offices in Perth, singing his song ‘Revolution’ in protest at what’s been happening in the Kimberleys.  He also stood at the site of the blockade in July, and videos of his involvement are motivating many to take a stand.  Click to view a video of this event. 


Other songs on the CD are less direct but strike at the heart of the matter. ‘Burning The Candle’ by Nathan Kaye, ‘Outback’ by Rob Longstaff and ‘What Should I Tell The Newborn Child’ by Michael David, capture the mood and sentiments.  Others speak more subtly, such as the seductive sound of ‘Collective Soul’ by Joss Farebrother, ‘Underground’ by Georgia Potter and ‘My Turn’ by interstate (ABC signed) artist, Paul Greene.




The artists tell their stories about why they have added their voices to the growing chorus of protest:  “Too much has been taken, exchanged without a question, when are we going to learn this deep set human lesson?”  20yo Joss Farebrother. (Brisbane).  “He wants to turn the wilderness into something he can understand, enslaved by an obsession to possess and to command, he’s under the illusion he’s part of the plan, he’s a busy, busy, business man.” John Malcolm (Brisbane).   “My little girl turned five, she sat herself on my Lap. ‘Daddy’ (she said) ‘why can’t we drink the water from our tap’? How could she understand, the Gas under our land is valued more than any child woman or man?”  Mick McHugh (Byron Bay).


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QUOTE:  "I think we can look to the message contained in the songs by these young Australian musicians for inspiration about the future of the environment."  Alan Buchan

DEEP WATER Songwriters In Support Of The Australian Environment

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