Maton Australia has built a special Guitar for Fretfest.


The acoustic solid body guitar is made of 100% Australian timbers and it has been customised, with some unique features that make it a very special guitar.


Based on the NEW AUSTRALIAN MODEL, the guitar proudly bears the fRETfEST Logo, inlayed on the 12th Fret and it also sports a Map Of Australia inlayed on the headstock. The label has been specially etched to include the names of Fretfest Founder Al Buchan and his new-born Son, to whom the guitar has been dedicated!


For details about Maton's beautifully made Australian guitars go to and for more about the special Fretfest model, see below for PHOTOS, as being built in the factory.


Starting the guitar with all Australian timbers.

Adding the fRETFEST INLAY on the fretboard.

Staining and sealing with gloss.

The finished guitar, proudly held by the team of craftsmen at the MATON factory reception.


Fretfest Founder, Al Buchan, playing the guitar live on stage!



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