The Fretfest Professional Music Mentorship Program offers a range of exciting opportunities for musicians, to help you gain recognition and experience by working with Aussie music entrepreneur, Al Buchan, the founder & director of Fretfest Pty Ltd.

Fretfest can offer a Mentorship that explores your unique talents and hones your skills in preparation for a career as a professional musician.  Having already helped in the early career development of countless Australian musicians, Fretfest has a proven track record.  The mentorship is for musicians who are ready to take the first steps towards pursuing a professional music career.  "You have to remain true to yourself, your authenticity and your originality. That's one of the keys to success in the Australian music industry” says Al Buchan, Fretfest director.


We offer advice that can be tailored to suit your individual needs, to assist you in reaching your short and longer term goals, sooner.  Fretfest can help you realize your dream of becoming a music industry professional, whether you're an absolute beginner, a band leader, or a Pop Diva. We offer constructive advice, assessment and feedback about your live performances as well as tips on how to build audience rapport, how to use the stage properly and how to communicate with venues." 


‘Fretfest provides a really great mentorship program.’  KODEY BRIMS, 17yo Fretfest Music Mentorship Graduate.  Kodey went on to study at the Berklee Music College in Boston USA!

‘Fretfest has been the stepping stone to what I hope will be a successful music career for me.’ ASHA JEFFERIES, 15yo Fretfest Music Mentorship Graduate. Asha pursued her career as an indie singer songwriter and became the Unearthed Feature Artist on Triple J in October 2018!

‘I have learned so much about a variety of aspects of the music industry including recording my own music, songwriting and guitar skills, tailored to my individual needs and experiences.’ EMMA BELL, 17yo Fretfest Music Mentorship student.

‘Throughout my time with fretfest I have been encouraged, coached, supported to grow into the artist I am today.’ BERNIE CARSON, Indie Singer Songwriter, started with Fretfest when she was 15.

‘It was through consistency of live performance and ongoing coaching at Fretfest, that I was put in good stead to develop my own signature style of performance, enabling me to follow my passion into a sustainable career.’ JOSH LOVEGROVE, Indie Singer Songwriter, started with Fretfest when he was 19. 


* Assistance with strategic planning and communication.

* Learn people skills, how to make bookings and handle offers.

* Learn how to build your audience and work the room.

* Learn how to use your Voice properly to enhance your live performances.

* Learn the art of Stage Craft - how to move on stage and perform like a professional.

* Learn how to handle your own finances and go on tour!

* Learn the art of story-telling and develop your songwriting skills.

* Learn how to conduct yourself when dealing with business professionals in the music industry.

* Get realistic feedback about your career path and discover how to "be yourself" and succeed! 

* Learn how to play the guitar properly and understand the advantages of knowing more music theory and how to expand on those same 5 chords you know. (Leave your capo at home)


You can get access to music industry training on how APRA membership works and you can score opportunities to play alongside other like-minded musicians (your age) and attend important live music festivals.  You also have access to some of the best advice, services and experience in the music industry, with incentives designed specifically to help fast-track your music career. We offer career path development sessions and you can access emails remotely and take advantage of our phone support to answer your questions and help build your confidence.  This is a well-rounded program that gets results!

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"With a wealth of experience and proven successes, this could be the best move for musicians who wish to take the first crucial steps towards a professional career as a singer songwriter, solo or duo, band or future music manager, promoter or event coordinator."




Beginners Guitar and songwriting*

$50 /hr face-to-face intensive sessions

* Available only in Tamworth NSW


Solo Singer Songwriters $110.00 per month

Includes Skype sessions, emails and phone advice,

career pathways, song-selection, music for guitar & self-promotion.


Male/Female Pop Artist $330 per development session

Includes career pathways assessment, costume, song-selection

Stagecraft, songwriting, self-promotion, APRA and portfolio management. 


Bands $220 per session - tailored to suit your band's needs

You get 1x live rehearsal review plus 1 x 2hr music pathways development session

You also get followup emails, phone calls. Career development packages also available.

With support from the Australian Performing Rights Association, the Regional Arts Development Fund and the Australian Government Contemporary Music Touring Program, Fretfest is the business that has been helping musicians take it to the next level, sustainably, turning a passion into a full time music business or just an enjoyable hobby. The choice is yours.

HOW TO APPLY :  Send an email to with your details.

Thank you. 

Fretfest Pty Ltd

Al Buchan (director)